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It's not often scene kids, screamo fans and metal-heads can agree on a band, but after Bring Me The Horizon's explosive rise in popularity, culminating in their breakout performances at Vans Warped Tour this summer, fans of all three genres have found their new favorite band. With a wildly-anticipated new album and a full U.S. tour on the way, Britain's hottest up-and-comers are on track to conquer the country this fall.
Hailing from Sheffield, England, Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matt Nicholls (drums), Curtis Ward (guitar), Matt Kean (bass) and Lee Malia (guitar) formed BMTH in 2004 and began setting the UK ablaze with blistering performances across the country. By 2006 the band had already won Kerrang!'s "Best British Newcomers" award and toured with groups like Killswitch Engage, Aiden and Bleeding Through. Later that fall the group unleashed their debut album, Count Your Blessings, which further cemented their place among the metalcore elite.
In April 2008 the group entered the studio with legendary producer Fredrik Norstrom (Arch Enemy, In Flames, At the Gates) in an isolated area of Sweden, where they recorded their sophomore album, Suicide Season.
BMTH's experiences over the past few years, for better or worse, have shaped them into more passionate musicians, no longer content with ten tracks of straight up chugging and screaming (although ferociously heavy tracks such as "Sleep with One Eye Open" and "No Need For Introductions..." remain). Instead, the vocals are more varied, guitars more atmospheric and the drums are a pure driving force. BMTH have opted to explore the limits of their sound and abilities, resulting in tracks that will make you think as much as bang your head.
Suicide Season's opening track, "The Comedown," foreshadows the album's brutal intentions with sharp chainsaw riffs, pistol-whipping beats and snarling vocals that will send fans into a windmilling frenzy. The album's immediacy continues with songs like the moody hardcore meltdown "Chelsea Smile" and the prog-screamo sing along "The Sadness Will Never End," and doesn't let up until the last notes of the album-ending title track. Suicide Season is the perfect soundtrack to a life spent on the edge, where the rules don't apply and darkness rules. November is Suicide Season...
Alesana adalah band asal California. Nama Alesana di ambil dari nama jalan tempat tinggal sang Vokalis, Shawn Milke. Sampai saat ini, personil mereka sudah sering berganti-ganti. Yang masih tetap mulai dibentuk sampai sekarang cuma Shawn Milke(Gitar, Vokal), Dennis Lee (Vokal, Scream) dan Jeremy Bryan (Drum). Label rekaman mereka sampai sekarang adalah Fearless Record.

Kira-kira sekitar awal tahun 2007-an, saya ga sengaja di kasih video klip Alesana yang judulnya Ambrosia. Padahal sebelumnya saya belum pernah dengar nama band atau lagunya dari band yang satu ini. Pertama kali liat video klipnya saya terheran sekali, awalnya dikira musik pop / kalem. Setting tempat nya aja di taman dan dengan hiasan bunga-bunga yang ada disekitar itu. Tapi ternyata teriakannya ngagetin orang sekampung (kalau distel high volume) haha. Ga nyangka, dengan aliran musik kayak gitu ternyata sekarang penggemar Alesana makin banyak aja, termasuk Indonesia.

Genre / aliran asli alesana sendiri adalah post-hardcore, namun banyak yang menyebutkan bahwa Alesana sebagai icon musik emo dengan sudut pandang yang berbeda-beda. Tapi yang jelas mereka menciptakan lirik lagu yang dalam.

Kalau kalian perhatiin, mereka mempunyai khas dan keunikan tersendiri dalam bermusik terutama kombinasi vokal. Suara kalem yang bermelodi seperti kebanyakan alternative music, dipadukan dengan teriakan nyaring. Serta ada juga growl / teriakan seperti yang sering kita dengar di musik hardcore.

Alesana (sebenarnya di ambil dari kata alice-anna) band yang beraliran post-hardcore yang berasal dari Raleigh, North Carolina, USA pastinya. Berdiri sejak tahun 2004. Karya yang udah mereka buat satu EP, 7 compilations, dan 2 full album, dan satu cd produced tour.

Personil / nama anggota band :
* Dennis “Denny Diablo” Lee – Screaming vocals (2004-present)
* Shawn Milke – Vocals, Guitar, Piano (2004-present)
* Patrick “Peezee” Thompson – Lead guitar, Backing vocals during live performance (2004-present)
* Jeremy “Jables” Bryan – Drums (2005-present)
* Shane Crump – Bass guitar, Vocals (2007-present)
* Jake Campbell – Rhythm guitar (2008-present)

Band Screamo/Rock/Emo asal Raleigh, Carolina Utara ini rencananya akan mengeluarkan album terbaru mereka pada akhir bulan januari ini, tanggal 26 Januari 2010 lebih tepatnya. Album ini di beri nama The Emptiness.
ALbum ini akan berisi 11 lagu dan berikut ini adalah List dari lagu - lagu di album tersebut:

01. Curse Of The Virgin Canvas
02. The Artist
03. A Lunatic’s Lament
04. The Murderer
05. Hymn For The Shameless
06. The Thespian
07. Heavy Hangs The Albatross
08. The Lover
09. In Her Tomb By The Sounding Sea
10. To Be Scared By An Owl
11. Annabel


Formation and Try This with Your Eyes Closed (2004–2005)

Although the band's members first began playing together in Baltimore, Maryland, Alesana officially formed in October 2004 in Raleigh, North Carolina and was founded by Shawn Milke, Patrick Thompson, Dennis Lee, Steven Tomany and Daniel Magnuson. The name of the band is was inspired from Aliceanna St., which Shawn Mike and Patrick Thompson lived on when playing in Baltimore, MD. Aliceanna St. is located in Fells Point, a neighborhood in Baltimore. Alesana was the first band to join Tragic Hero Records in 2005, and their 3 demo songs titled "Apology", "Beautiful in Blue" and "Goodbye, Goodnight for Good" which were featured on a compilation All The Tragedy Money Can Buy. Later they released their debut EP, Try This With Your Eyes Closed, in May of that year. They toured in the United States, including an appearance at the Cornerstone Festival. In the same year Daniel Magnuson was replaced by Will Anderson.

On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax (2006–2007)

In 2006 the group added a new drummer Jeremy Bryan to replace Will Anderson and added guitarist/vocalist Adam Ferguson to their lineup. They followed with a full-length album, entitled On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, during the summer of 2006. In late 2006 and signed on to Fearless Records, which re-released their LP in March 2007 to mixed reviews and released a music video for "Ambrosia". In the same year, the song "Apology" in an acoustic version was featured on the compilation release, Punk Goes Acoustic 2. Later in the middle of the year, Steven Tomany left the band and was replaced by Shane Crump who had previously played bass for Your Name in Vain. The band attended the entire Warped Tour 2007 and 2010. In early 2008, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax charted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, peaking at #44.

 Where Myth Fades to Legend (2008-2009)

In 2008 Alesana finished recording their second album, "Where Myth Fades to Legend". The album was released on June 3, 2008 but was leaked on popular torrent sites on May 25. Where Myth Fades to Legend is also the title of their headlining tour with Sky Eats Airplane, Our Last Night, Lovehatehero, and The Chariot. Shane Crump was recently revealed in the intro to Alesana's 4th video blog on PureVolume to be a vocalist on the new album. All the female vocals done on the band's albums are done by guitarist Shawn Milke's sister, Melissa.
On the 2008 Warped Tour, Shane Crump briefly left due to personal matters at home and Jake Campbell (Twelve Gauge Valentine guitarist) became a temporary fill in-bassist. Upon Crump's return, Adam Ferguson and the band parted ways and Cambell became rhythm guitarist.
In 2009 Alesana toured on the 2009 Australian Soundwave Festival, playing alongside; Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Chiodos, All That Remains, New Found Glory, In Flames, Lamb of God, Silverstein, Billy Talent, Emery, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Anberlin and Underoath. Alesana toured with Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Fear Before, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Fall From Grace on the World of Tourcraft tour later that year.
On January 20, 2009 the music video for "Seduction" was officially released and on March 10, 2009 the album Punk Goes Pop 2 was released which includes Alesana's cover of "What Goes Around...Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake.
Alesana's Where Myth Fades to Legend has also charted on the Billboard 200 at #96 and on the Billboard Hard Rock Album at #13.

 The Emptiness (2009-present)

In late February, Shawn Milke announced Alesana had started writing new material for their upcoming album. They began recording their third studio album, in July 2009, in Portland, Oregon, with producer Kris Crummett. The album, according to Shawn Milke on The Rave TV, would be entitled "The Emptiness". The title "The Emptiness" has also been confirmed in a blog on the band's Myspace profile. The band has made their progress in the studio viewable to fans through a Twitter account and an official website run by the band themselves. In mid-July, Alesana had their Myspace profile edited by Justin Reich with pictures that according to Shawn, hint towards themes in the concept album; the photos show the band in fine suits holding bloody weapons inside an abandoned room, and a newspaper article with a headline "Alesana Unveils New Story This Winter."
Shawn Milke declared on August 19 via Twitter,
It is 6:19 AM and I just finished my last scream...the record is finished..."The Emptiness" is complete...xo shawn
concluding the band's recording session, which began on July 10. Alesana then set out for North Carolina to rest before they began their Vs. tour, which they headlined and included the bands The Bled, Enter Shikari, Broadway, Madina Lake, and Asking Alexandria. On the Vs. tour, Alesana's set included two new songs titled "To Be Scared By An Owl" and "The Thespian". Soon after concluding their month long Vs. tour, Alesana headlined the "You'd Be Way Cuter in a Coffin" Tour with From First To Last, The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria, and Memphis May Fire.
On October 2, Milke and Lee held a second interview with where they revealed that they were shooting a music video in the fall for one song from The Emptiness. The two members went on to tell Linda, the interviewer, that due to their large fan base in Mexico and South America, they would be releasing a Spanish version of 2 of their songs. Milke also revealed that the album, The Emptiness, is to be released on January 26, 2010. The band finally released the track listing and cover art to the new album on November 10 on their myspace blog On November 23, Alesana released their first recorded work off of The Emptiness, "To Be Scared By An Owl" and began to promote it as a single. The same week, they entered the studio to begin filming their third video which according to their website, is "The Thespian", the song was released on December 8, 2009. In 2009, the band won the Best Hardcore/Screamo Band at the Top in Rock Awards.
Milke announced
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today is a VERY exciting day for Alesana! we have released a streaming version of The Emptiness in its entirety today right here on myspace! this is your first chance to hear our story from start to finish! The Emptiness received a ( 2.5 / 5.0 ) by AP Magazine (, a 7/10 by RockSound (, a ( 2.0 / 5.0 ) by RRR (,and a ( 4.0 / 5.0 ) by Lexington Music Press (
After the release of their music video for "The Thespian" on March 17, the band became less active and starting promoting the 2010 Warped Tour, which they took part in at the end of June. Right before their first venue on the Warped Tour, guitarist Jake Campbell left the band to be with his family, and Alex Torres of Greeley Estates took his place. The album debuted at #68 on the Billboard 200 making it their highest charting album.
July 22 of 2010, Shawn Milke posted a blog on the official Revolver website regarding his constant desire to write scripts, stories and music; considering The Emptiness his 'first printed story'. Milke went on to say that he is constantly writing, and that new material for an Alesana album—as well as material for Wake Me Up, Juliet and Tempting Paris—was already being created.
The group announced a headlining tour entitled: Two Frail Weeks of Vanity and Wax, in which they would perform their debut album, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax in its entirety on each tour date of the tour along with stating that some songs would never be played again after the tour. The band stated that chosen VIP's will be involved within the testing of new tracks that are prepared to be included on their fourth studio album, which is going to be recorded in March 2011 with producer Kris Crummett. On November 1, 2010, it was comfirmed that Alesana signed to Epitaph Records. The band recently entered the studio to start recording their fourth album. However, the band stated on their Facebook Page that, though they have already titled the album, they will not reveal the title just yet.

Album Baru Limpbizkit 2011 Diundur

Album Baru Limpbizkit 2011 Diundur

Limp Bizkit Mengundur Jadwal Rilis Album Terbaru Mereka, Gold Cobra

Jakarta - Dari jadwal rilis pertama (7/6) yang diumumkan sebelumnya, album terbaru Limp Bizkit,Gold Cobra, nampaknya akan sedikit tertunda. Fred Durst mengumumkan melalui akun Twitter pribadinya @freddurst bahwa ada sedikit perubahan jadwal.
Seperti dikutip dari, “Penggemar Limp Bizkit, tanggal rilis (Gold Cobra) adalah 28 Juni, kami baru saja meeting dengan Interscope, dan semua berjalan dengan baik, kami telah memilih single, dan waktunya menyiapkan klip.” Durst menambahkan, “Saya sedang mengerjakan desain album Gold Cobra, sambil menonton The Masters. Berakhir dengan Tiger Woods dan Fred Couples memenangkan emas.”

Entah kemunduran ini disebabkan karena mereka mempersiapkan rilis album dengan lebih matang atau masalah yang masih diperdebatkan, nampaknya penggemar mereka yang cukup loyal akan terpaksa menunggu album terbaru mereka dengan sabar.

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screamo and experimental

musik screamo telah ada bertahun-tahun tetapi hanya beberapa tahun terakhir ini emo musik menjadi cukup terkenal. Dalam kira-kira sepuluh tahun yang lalu emo musik bercabang dari akarnya yaitu post-hardcore menjadi emo musik yang sekarang. Banyak emo jaman sekarang tidak tau bahwa emo merupakan musik turunan dari post-hardcore/hardcore punk.

Emo musik dideskripsikan tentang perasaan kita dan bagaimana mengeskpresikannya. Itu ditunjukkan dengan emo band yang bernyanyi dengan scream, tentang berbagai permasalahan yang ada di dalam hidup mereka. Vokal dengan scream ini biasanya dilatar belakangi oleh suara gitar yang agresif dan ketukan drum yang berat, ini mengingatkan akar dari emo musik itu sendiri yaitu post-hardcore. Emo sebagai genre musik telah melembek setelah beberapa tahun sejak kemunculannya dan sekarang telah kehilangan identitas rocknya dengan lyric yang emosional.

Emo beberapa saat setelah kemunculannya dan deskripsi emo yang umum / style

Sejarah emo adalah sesuatu yang masih ambigu dari arti yang sebenarnya. Sejarah emo music masih dalam perdebatan hingga kini.

Emo lahir di pertengahan 1980, sebagai musik turunan dari hardcore punk yang bertempatkan di Washington, D.C. istilah emo sendiri berasal dari kata "emotional hardcore." Kebanyakan berpendapat emo genre dimulai tahun 1984, ketika band rites of spring mulai muncul di Washington, D.C.

Band ini dan band emo pertama lainnya seperti Embrace(Ian Mackaye, Minor Threat) menghilangkan image harcore punk rock mereka dengan menambahkan intuisi extrim yang menekankan pada emosi yang keras. Dengan beat drum punk dan distorsi gitar yang berat vocal yang melodic, dan suara yang dinamic antara keras/lembut. vocal menjadi dramatic dan saat lagu mencapai klimaks biasanya vocal akan mengeluarkan scream, growl, atau desahan. Emo band ini berubah dari lagu yang penuh kemarahan tentang pemberontakan ke lagu tentang perasaan hati, seperti kesedihan, cinta dan kesedihan di dalam lyric mereka.

Musik menjadi lebih dramatic, membawa pendengarnya mengikuti alur yang naik dan turun dengan lyric yang constan merefleksikan pada patah hati dan kesedihan. Pada saal itu merupakan suatu hal megejutkan bahwa band seperti Rites of spring membuat lyric yang emosional, dan mengekspos diri mereka dan perasaan mereka.

Memakai suara yang kencang dan lembut, merefleksikan mood penyanyinya berubah antara patah hati, kemarahan, dan kebingungan adalah mungkin perbedaan antara emo dan tradisional punk musik. sebelum emo, hampir semua musik punk menggunakan suara yang konstan dibalut dengan rhythm guitar. Emo lebih sering memotong rhythym gitarnya secara tiba-tiba, lebih mengutamakan beat yang tidak beraturan dibalut dengan melody yang variatif.

Setelah pengenalan Rites of spring di Washington, D.C. underground scene, emo menjadi semakin diterima dan banyak yang mengcopy image emo. Musim panas pada tahun 1985 yang disebut "Revolusi musim panas" ketika musik new wave dengan tempo rock, berbasiskan melody band tampil di DC punk scene dengan bermacam-macam suara rock.

Setelah Rites of spring, bands selanjutnya yang membuat dampak besar terhadap emo adalah Moss icon yang menggabungkan lyric patah hati dengan energi punk yang tradisional. Moss icon memotong elemen emo kepada intinya dan menambahkan gitar melodi dengan fokus pada suara dinamic yang lembut/keras. Vokalnya membuat gebrakan baru dengan Screaman yang panjang pada klimak lagu lagu.

Awal Screamo
Pada akhirnya, emo membuat beberapa band menjadi lebih bereksperimen di dalam lagu yang mereka tulis. Dengan penyebaran emo keluar dari DC , banyak hardcore punk scene mengadopsi emo.

Di San diego, band seperti Drive like jehu, Saetia, dan The swing kids menjadi lebih agresif dari emo, yang kemudian disebut "Screamo". bagaimanapun semua emo mempunyai hal yang penting yaitu mengekspresikan diri sendiri.

Emo second Wave(Indie Emo) Ke Emo Zaman Sekarang
Pada tahun 1987, Mckaye dan Rits frontman Guy Picittio menampilkan fugazzi. Fugazzi inilah yang meginspirasikan Emo second wave.

Emo wave yang pertama mulai muncul setelah pergerakan emo memisahkan diri dari akar hardcorenya. pada awal '90an, sebuah band melodic punk baru seperti Jawbreaker dan smiam mulai untuk memasukkan emo ke musik mereka.

Pada pertengahan 90an, emo mulai merefleksikan indie scene yang terinflues oleh Fugazzi. band-band seperti 'texas is the reason' dan band seattle 'Sunny day Real Estate' memperkenalkan emo dengan gaya indie rock, lebih halus daripada pendahulunya.

Seiring perjalanannya major record industri mulai memperhatikan. Sampai saat ini Emo mulai mendapatkan berbagai macam definisi tentang emo, dengan celah kontradiksi dan banyak terdapat kebingungan.

Screamo of Today

Bagaimanapun, "Emo" tidak hanya dideskripsikan oleh penjelasan diatas. Banyak sekali band-band baru yang telah memiliki musik yang lebih dinamik dan lebih luas, dengan lebih fokus ke vokal yang dinamik dan dramatik. Band-band ini sering menyebut dirinya sebagai "Screamo". Screamo adalah sub genre dari Emo, Screamo adalah pilihan musik yang sama sekali baru untuk subcultur yang baru yang dikenal dengan "scene". Semuanya memang membingungkan!

Banyak band-band baru yang mengkombinasikan suara screamo yang dinamik dengan post emo yang lembut dan menambahkan elemen lain.